Our Customer’s Feedback to Our Massage Advertising Services

One of our customers is Emily, who is running a small business as a massage therapist for a decade now. This blog post is all about her business success story and experience of working with us.

She said: “Massaging is my passion and I love handling my small business. I work full time and have a fully functional massage center. I started out as a part-time massage therapist in Illinois. I worked with an expert lady who taught me the dos and don'ts of massaging. After 2 years, I decided to freelance and give massages to people on an ad hoc basis. Although my business was going well, and I was getting regular orders, the stress of finding new clients every single day took a toll on me. I struggled with mental health and decided to stabilize my business. I leased a small space in my home state and bought some basic equipment. My friend also helped me get the place set up nicely. After establishing my space, I decided that it was time to boost up my business and target a greater audience. My friend suggested me to go for SEO companies. She assured me that these companies will help make my business prosperous. But, there was a catch.”

Experiencing A Setback

I had a good thing going on with my business, but I wanted to expand. I reached out to an SEO company my friend suggested. I trusted them completely and let them handle my business on their own terms. I had some apprehensions, but I let go of my fears. And that destroyed my business. I lost a lot of money and ended up losing faith in myself. My experience with another company was no different. The biggest issue with these 2 SEO companies was that they did not use SEO tools to boost my massage advertising. They used traditional methods instead. But that is not all, there is more to the story.

My career took an upward trajectory when I decided to do some research on my own. I looked up companies with good reviews and a supportive team. That is when I found SEO PlanetX.

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My Experience with SEO Planet X- The Game Changer for My Business

Before I discuss about SEO PlanetX and how they helped me to grow my business, I would like to state how a good team can be helpful in growing any business. What I found most refreshing was how the team engaged with me and made me feel important. They allowed me to discuss my apprehensions at length and didn’t rush me into giving them my business. The rapport that I build with the staff was what convinced me to try them out. This is how SEO PlanetX helped me excel at massage advertising.

1. Told me the issues

The first thing that the company did was take a deeper look into my business. Although I knew that there were some issues with my business, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on the issue. The staff helped me understand that I needed to target people who could give me steady business.
They also made me understand the importance of setting the right goals for my massage advertising. Another thing they stressed was how I needed to prioritize consistent client acquisition.

2. Choose the right platform

Sometimes we don’t know what the best platform to advertise our business is, but reputable companies are more equipped with this knowledge. The SEO PlanetX team suggested me to hire them as facebook advertising agency Brisbane as it is the most reliable of all the other options. After taking my consent, the company made some changes to my page and ensured adequate links are added. This helps clients reach me easily. After my ads were designed, the company also started posting on my Facebook pages regularly. This helped keep my clients engaged with my business.

3. Identifying my target audience

The biggest issue with my previous approach was that my business was all over the place. I was trying to reach as many people as I could. What I forgot was that there are only a couple of people who go for massage. I was having a difficulty identifying those people. This is where SEO PlanetX came in. They helped me identify my target audience, so I could get consistent clients. These were people who come to my massage center every month and get my massage services.

4. Creating ads for my business

This was the most crucial part of the process and I was dreading given my experience with the earlier companies. However, I was amazed at how good the ads turned out to be. They were simple and had just the right message to them. Good color contrast were used, so the spa marketing did not look dull and captured the attention of my audience. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with how the ads turned out to be; all thanks to SEO PlanetX.

5. Expanding my business within a budget

As the owner of a relatively new business, I was worried about the massive cost of massage advertising. I had already lost a lot of money in the past 2 years and could not afford to lose more. This is something I conveyed to the company from the start. They assured me that they could give me my desired results within my budget. Although I did not believe them initially, I was awestruck at how cooperative they were. They worked around my budget and helped me get an authentic and organic audience.

I trusted SEO Planet X- and you should too!

I have been proud and happy about many things in my life, but recently, I have been on the moon at how rapidly my sales have increased. Not only am I getting consistent clients, but I have also managed to create a massive online presence thanks to the strategy SEO PlanetX deployed for my massage advertising plan. They were a game changer for me, they can be for you too.